My profile as a coach is atypical I agree. I’m personally glad about it!

  • A 10 years marketing-promo experience in the music industry
  • Stage Coach certified in 2012 at the French profesional school le Studio des Variétés
  • Yoga Dance Facilitator
  • A toolbox filled with techniques carried on the breath and consciousness of free movement

It seems the only natural shot to explain you how my approach is built. At almost 35 years old when I linger a few minutes over the last 30 years, major memories come back to me and confirm me on the path I have chosen to borrow. Let me share a few with you.

At 9 years old, I dislocated a walkman stereo to see what were its components, and I rebuilt it as a wayback machine. I explored with an adventurous pleasure, the “unwinding” of the magnetic tape of my cassettes, and then I crumpled it hardly. Once rewound, the fateful question was: “Ah ah aha what the consequences will be …? ” The sound material and accessories fascinated me. Not to mention the huge 80’s stereo in the living room whose huge buttons attracted my hands at their expense like magnets. A ritual invoking the wrath of my father.

Music was in my life. TV was present very early in my room too. I grew up in a family in which we lack nothing. My education has been built on the work value. Also culture was not the focus of my parents. Anyway, drawing was present. Dance, theater, painting, cinema. They were all present in my mind. They enthused me. All these means of artistic expression existed in me. They touched me even if I did not understand anything about this phenomenon. I did not intellectualize at that time my love for performance. What interested me was basically to connect with my emotions. Yes, Art calls for sensory acts from his public.

Without going into the details of my personal life, music has always supported and give me strength. Even during my classes in music theory and piano, that unfortunately I was living like a real torture at that time. By contrast, what happiness to engage the body in the expression of my emotional sensations during my dance and theater classes.

Little girl, I was shy in the middle of a group, sensitive, excited, angry and authentic, even disappointed. Unsure of myself. Only listening to music could escape. To understand me.

To my 12th birthday, my father took me for the 1st time at the mythic Parisian venue, the Olympia. And even if instantly I was very angry, I thank him very much for this. Indeed, the artist who played that night is a Franco-Italian popular singer whose fanbase consists mostly of 35-years old women. Imagine my reaction … A flashlight illuminates. He is alone on stage, piano and vocals. This man was literally embedded in an intimate musical journey during which he appeared vulnerable and so tremendous. On a deep generosity. I keep the satisfaction of a unique and special exchange, a moment which will not happen again.

At 14, in art class, in a free work, I still find myself gluing paper to announce the rock concert of my favorite band.

The natural consequence was to fall in love with a local musician. Concerts, rehearsals, festivals followed in quick succession … and a lot of emotions, reflections of all kinds came up : why did i liked this concert ? Because he touched me ? Why and how did he touch me ? … Why do these people gather around this artist ? Why this show did not convince me ? Freddy Mercury, Serge Gainsbourg, Michael Jackson, Bob Marley … What makes them so special ? What are their common points ? …

I chose at the age of 20 to become a coach for artists. I needed at all costs to be into the thick of it and understand the workings of the trade first in a music major then in an indie label. Bodywork quickly became prominent through the test of academic dance, while discovering the breath and its power according to the precepts of yoga and meditation.

If you contact me today is that my profile catch your attention and that you have the urge to challenge yourself for the best.

You are an artist (s)?
Your image is super polished, worked, marketed.
BUT performing on stage is still a big challenge for your?

You are ultra-productive, perfectionist artist,
AND you feel confused? Pleasure is slowing?

Everything goes very fast, good contacts to good deals
you feel a bit overwhelmed
despite the interest that relates to your project?

You get less energy and feel lost?
Need a boost of motivation?

Your reputation grows you to review
the foundations of your original vision?


I invested <3 and soul to the emergence of artists, always looking for the accurate emotion, image. Music and Art in general have a catalyst effect on me. Yes, every act of creation moves me deeply or at least stirs my curiosity. I will be glad to give you the keys of pleasure and insight in your career.

Thank you for reading this post !  I might share anecdotes of the first years in the profession soon. Have a good day !

Virginie B.