Hello ! And enchanted ! Delighted to welcome you on my page. Are you an inspired artist ? I’m Virginie Brune, your privileged interlocutor to support you in revealing what makes you so unique. We will come back together on the basics of creativity ; either what is according to my method, the bulk of an authentic artistic success.

With great deal of passion and determination (music theory, dance, theater, radio host…), I practice for 10 years my communication activity accompanying musicians & artists. Throughout my experience with French artists like Wax Tailor, Concrete Knives, Nasser, Sophie Maurin or the Irish James Vincent McMorrow for example touring worldwide, it came to me a paradigm that make even more sense today with the market reality:

Performing art is the best means of communication for musicians.

The course of the performance is unforgiving. Measure the importance of being well prepared to ask the right questions. What drives you to present yourself in situations of performance? In which area ? Facing which audience? Greetings which media partner ? Feel the energy that runs through you ever imagining you all on stage on. Excitement, nervousness, fear, embarrassment, vulnerability ? Honor those feelings.

To maximize the impact of your stage presence with your audience or an audience that finds you on the spot, three steps are essential to live one after the other – whatever your idea of ​​success.

Since my certification at the French professional school « Le studio des Variétés », I have developed a unique methodology to consider safe and healthy way any launch strategy. From there ensued an increased curiosity about yoga and meditative techniques. My palette of tools is part of an unconditional fascination with the creative impulse of being, body and feelings.

I structured my coaching programs around 3 transformative key steps, underpinning much of the artistic success :

  1. Identification of your authentic image,
  2. Clarification and assessment of the message reach,
  3. Accurate and charismatic stage incarnation.


Coaching Image & Stage
/// an artistic image on stage & in strategy

To know more about how have experienced music >>> the article “Passion > Performance

Virginie helped me become aware of my image. She encouraged me to think and not to think; she demanded spontaneous answers, so conscious thinking only came as an afterthought.

Similarly, in terms of live performance, Virginie had me concentrate on my breathing, on freeing my body and again, made me aware of who I was (on stage) and what I wanted to express, thus avoiding a lot of stage fright and wrong artistic choices. Her enthusiasm and positive attitude are very contagious.


Ian Kent

American vagabond, Poet, Folk singer-songwriter

I have been fortunate to benefit the coaching of Virginie Brune! A pack of five closely spaced sessions. What I liked very fast right from the first contact is her willingness to listen, her benevolence, and the relevance of her feedbacks. At last someone who understands the complex issues of the artist! I jumped into it without really knowing where I was going! Virginia worked at source. In addition to mastering professional coaching techniques, she performs work on the body, using the particular Yoga.

She reads in the body and relieves the body! (since all we have in the head is registered there). She detects the “evils of the artist” and translates them into right words! Virginie helped me to connect with my emotions and my authenticity. She translated, reformulated and clarified my often confused thinking. It is both a work on about the meaning, the essence of the artist, and the embodiment of his vision. This experience came when I really needed, a deep work that I had put away, caught up in the bustle, the representation and the image that the trade request.

After a while, exhausted, i realized that the ” background should be set “. I feel that this coaching impacts different areas of my life. Attitude, Power, Presence, Trust… Difficult to do this work alone, at some level, we need to be guided, then everything flows naturally! Thank you Brune 😉


Voice Performer


Great experience to have Virginie as a coach, I’m a fashion designer and I created my own fashion line she really helped me with my brand to go to the core of it to understand my message, my way of communicating, to make more sense, to be in clarity with myself and my work… to calm down… to organise myself… to really listen to what I want… and not settle for less… Very interesting and powerful work… she will kick your ass and be a challenging mirror where you can will see yourself in a different and new angle… I recommend her if you want to grow as an artist and get feedback that will help you to reach a new level… Thank you for the adventure ❤︎



Lua - Ecstatic Empire

Clothes Designer


Virginie your’re an artist healer! Everything is in the subtle! Merci!



Indo-Canadian payerformer