Hello ! And enchanted ! Delighted to welcome you on my page. You are a professional in the music area. We may know each other. I’m Virginie Brune, coach specialized Image & Stage, ready to join your team and become one of the key part of your launch strategy.

Over 10 years of experience in communication & the accompaniment of musicians (Wax Tailor, Concrete Knives, Sophie Maurin, Nasser, James Vincent McMorrow …), my belief is this :

The scene is the best means of communication for a musician. The marketing image is the spectrum and cultural symbolism, the amplifier.

Since my certification at the French professional school, I have developed a unique methodology to consider safe and healthy way any launch strategy. From there ensued an increased curiosity about yoga and meditative techniques. My palette of tools is part of an unconditional fascination with the creative spirit, the involvement of the body and its emotional system.

My will is not only to guide your artist/band in their approach and decision-making, but to bring you the solution to your problems.

  • Artist, lost and little involved in his image, lack of career vision but whose scenic strength is undeniable, compelling ;
  • Artist experiencing difficulties to evoke his artistic approach in media interview situation, who can not assert his difference or to impose his style ;
  • Artist with a polished image, crafted, strong and who does not survive to the stage step, for lack of presence and absence of message ;
  • Artist who does not give interest to his accurate communication at the moment, “in kif” ;
  • Artist overwhelmed by the interest it arouses among professionals of the music and its audience ;
  • Artist overwhelmed by the discipline that requires post-recording, in preparation for a release date and the stress of the tour
  • Artists whose positioning is perhaps a little too low, light or follower ;
  • A launch that cost a lot of money, artist or group to refocus on the scenic value ;
  • Artists whose project is very welcome to disk and want to support and offer a stage performance in line with a strong image and authentic.
  1. The identification of an authentic artistic image,
  2. The clarification and assessment of your message,
  3. A fair and charismatic presence on stage.

An “auditing of the solution” is submitted to the end of the mission team. Formalized by the 3 axes, confidential document reinforces marketing decisions, action plans and artist’s commitment.