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Post “The importance of art” Saku Suutari

Those who know me understand why this post caught my attention. Beyond specific expertise in music marketing, artistic image and stage, I was always fascinated by the impact that art has on me, and more generally on society.

In short my research and my travels, I have had the opportunity to meet many artists or thinkers… The issue of the Art have all gone through. History teaches us how ART has always been a catalyst for social progress. Moreover in times of crisis. Creativity, artistic expression have the direct effect of alleviating the minds and seeing the beautiful, the light weight, the renewal of this world, at least this possible overnight.

Today I have chosen to highlight the position of an acquaintance, a Finnish met in Bali in 2014. He lived the experience of the impact of music on his entire being: in him as an individual in a society, him as human being intuitively attracted by Beauty :), him as a psyche-body-emotional system.
In this position, he expressed with simplicity and beauty which justifies my approach to you dear artists, marketers, managers, professionals … The importance of Art. Its impact. Its influence on the audience.

“How I felt and I remember what a Powerful effect Some Music HAS HAD on me, like a best friend Who truly Understands me better than anyone ever Could anywhere we level that’s totally beyond explanation, like there Could never be anything quite as intimate. Sometimes it felt like it Could express something That I Could Have never Expressed myself. (…) I remember how much I Had carrier from music … “

Who has not felt this before ??? !!! 🙂
This unalterable support of music. The words, their meaning, the effect on our senses, thoughts, sensations and emotions it generates.
Being rather romantic, Saku’s massage really touched me. Also, I reserve exposing scientific arguments in my workshops to make you realize how much music is inspirational, intentional and social. 🙂
This sentence is a good summary: “The incarnated artist is a tremendous inspiration for his audience. ”

And just to play the game. My 4 musical best friends, the music which supported me the most this year are these littles nuggets:
airbestof-tt-width-470-height-470-crop-1-bgcolor-000000-nozoom_default-1-lazyload-1-except_gif-11 / Air – 10 000 Hz Legend “Electronic Performers” Revival requires 20 years
2 / LA Priest – Inji “Oino”
3 / Florent Marchet – Ma particule Elementaire/My elementary particle “Bambi Galaxy”
4 / Nils Frahm – Spaces “Says”

And you?
Which impact your creation has on you first? How would you inspire your circles? What would you like to tell them? What do you tell to yourself? Which story? What kind of moment would you like to share with them? Which message to broadcast in the end? Which value do you feel like to embody?

The artist has this sublime mastery of landing on paper, interpreting, composing and thus expressing between aesthetic bias and sensibility, his view of the world.
He does it for him, his audience and to all others.

This is also the idea that my methodology “Image & Scene /// Strategy” has forged a strong mindset to accompany professional artists or new talents.


Prince, Bulimic artist of LOVE

When PURPLE RAIN comes to life for the first time on stage*** and structures the album edit.

 Let’s celebrate – Let’s create – Let’s inspire – Let’s sublime.
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(With The Cramberries ) Prince is the first artist I bought the cassette. I was the only girl in my group to listen this funky one. I remember being completely transcended by his talented mutli-instrumentalist and uninhibited Rock & Soul sexual attitudes. He was deeply unseemly and simultaneously driven by the explosive energy of love. Always more and more and more. Because he had a lot to say and to give on stage this dear Prince… I admit I pass my turn a few years ago – due to a low sense of modernity in his recent productions. However, when I think of him, I celebrate what it has always been. A legend!

The Chameleon

The chameleon artist*** The one who’s never afraid to recreate himself! The one who’ll try again and again to express the beauty of his message for the world or a little bunch of people***

By changing regularly physics, dress style and even identity, did you understood before everyone else advantage to be derived from the manipulation of the image ?

YES. Without any doubt. Marc Bolan (T. Rex singer man, ed.) served a little transition between what had germinated in the 60s and what was to become the 70s. He understood that something new was emerging. But his major ambition was just to become the new Eddie Cochran. Then Roxy Music and I drove home the point by including a new essential element: distancing from the self character we were about to create. How to build a cultural resonance beyond the simple desire to stick to the blissfully rock star status ? It is so pleasant to question the very notion of what it induces picture of truth and lying, play with it, to modulate the effects. We were therefore among the first to ask such questions, at a time when so many others were building a unique image which they were never moving over their entire career. Our premise was simple : imagine that rock is dead, what do we do now ? The engine is disassembled and the parts are recovered to try to develop something else. It was a form of response to post-modernism, in connection with the Dada movement, Richard Hamilton, Andy Warhol. “

Extract from the French newspaper, Liberation – David Bowie interviewed in 2002 (Album Heaten) Get the full article >>>

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Be the music


Humility and absolute presence*
Nils Frahm is the incarnation of artistic freedom for me. Incredible dexterity – subtle atmosphere of a movie soundtrack – Nils Frahm plays each note , one after another with such a commitment, it seems to me to tell a story both soft and hypnotic. A great suspense story. A story that touches me in the heart . A story that connects us all. Please watch it until the end ___ Personally the last 15 minutes take me to tears.
I imagine this same man alone in the studio for hours reaching the same level of intensity on stage. Surrounded by these instruments.
His show is one of the most amazing that I have been given to experience in video. Yet no staging or set design ! Nils Frahm is there in the performance. He no longer exists on stage. He’s part of the music.

Passion – > Humility -> Presence – > Generosity – > Engagement / Commitment -> Fun & Control -> Charisma & Freedom