Flying scene /// Kanye West is a furious genius?

Oakland 10/23/2016

I always took distance with Kanye West ‘s music. Its tracks do not really attract me until now. Well, I know little. It is time to flip on it. The public figure and the very fussy artist producer that he plays is quite fascinating. A outspoken manager with his teams. He’s an explosive temperament. While these often outrageous gaffess make me definitely think that he is sorely lacking in class and wisdom, I however believe that this man is a visionary and constantly pushing the limits of creativity.

November 2013, on Radio Philadelphia he said “I have not found the name of my next album, but I started. (…) I write philosophical stuff all the time so I’ll think about things constantly … As soon as I think of something I write. I’m working on it. “

His seventh album which finally called TLOP – The life of Pablo and his tour Pablo Tour have definitely made me admit that this guy mark the history of Hip Hop, the music marketing, hype and stage performance. Is it one of the contemporary artists who already participate in the new music economy?

He said: “This album is a gospel album. This would not have happened without the support of God … It was a struggle, and I feel really happy and blessed to be able to follow my dreams without people shitting me. “

The characteristic of an artist is not to be ignored. And the deal is pushing on the “like” or “dislike” button. He inspires. He create sensations. His power is to talk about. And the concept of his tour adds more to the level of his artistic image: a lighting scenography covering the entire room, and a suspended stage over the audience.
Some already think he invented the show setting of the future. Many artists will certainly adapt this staging technique on their own way.

Kanye West take us again by surprise. The buzz. Spread over everyone as he proudly proclaims. When will it stop? Nothing can stop it. Like the Carter-Knowles couple whose each media appearance, each social media post is carefully considered, Kanye West becomes overwhelmed, shows his inconsistency, his ego attacks on Tweeter.

Kanye yes you’re a furious genius, simply because you are true in your approach. You take risk. Everything blends to one in you. The individual man, the public figure and the sublimated side. And when I say #theaartististheleaderoftomorrow, I speak in the present of course. Kanye West leads his world. A critical empire, without limitation, ultra-publicized, almost shamelessly immoral, yet powerful, creative and vulnerable.

I guess for his next tour he will venture something totallnew. Performing straight on the floor, to the heart of the gauge. 🙂 When receiving a next philosophical illuminations, he will discover that his divine ego is found in the heart of each of those who made up the audience.

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Interview Radio Philadelphie
Live Report Canada

Crédit Photo: Dijon Bowden – Soul of Society

Buzz economy

ENJOY THIS FR PRESENTATION “THE BUZZ ECONOMY” — Maybe shall i translate it in EN soon ?!!!!

This first experience of professional intervention in a graduate school marks its end. Let’s finish with a closing session and a case study before the final exam. I am grateful for the opportunity given to instill in my teaching :

1 / how the future music marketer will always be exploring new media,
2/ why it is important to protect the data of the artists.

The buzz economy What for To who? and if the idea would be first to capitalize networking tools on the artist him-self and on the intention he engages himself, in favor of his own monetization system!

 /// ENJOY

Artist & Identification


My posting are currently disjointed on this blog. Actually, I must be sure to bring you a rich and powerful content to dare to share:
1 / my passion for performance,
2 / my fascination for the mutation of the music market.

I took this year the opportunity to express in which the artistic intention is a prerequisite to anticipate the success of a medium-term marketing strategy. Here is an outline. /// ENJOY

Intervention “Define the artistic identity” @ la Cifap (march 2016)
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Pictures: Boris Hodonou @ STUDIO BLEU

Power transmission

I could not wait to share my method Image & Stage. I thought several months ago to transmit it on youtube. It was too early. I had first to present experiences, this unique profile that characterizes me as a coach and i had to introduce myself officially on the web.
Video is a powerful medium that will come soon enough. As I tend to repeat : version One is better than version None since everything seems written just at time and improvable in the near future.

Transmission is essential. Essential in my life. I could talk for hours about this fascination about the vital need for an individual to share his understanding of the world aesthetically. Here, we talk about the Art of sound. Electro, Progressive Rock, Fusion, Folk, Pop, Instrumental, music is the only unrepresentative art that “impact” our senses.
This explains why I chose to specialize in clarifying the artistic image and its stage incarnation.
Then comes the question : how to decline this understanding across a promotional kit? Understand your promotional strategy will be really much simplified.

It is a privilege to transmit. It’s a privilege to feel involved in the construction of new paradigms of the music market. I speak of new paradigm simply to support managers, artists and all music pros who have chosen deliberately to support an arts project through the ambition of his remarks. I look forward to interacting with the students and ensuring that our class is as alive as possible, serious and productive.

By March 2016, my schedule is complete.
Also, you might apply to the following courses for which I have the pleasure to intervene.

From March 2d to June 1st at the EAC training MBA Music & Festival (Paris)
On March 1st at the CIFAP Training, Management of a musical project (Paris – Montreuil)
I salute these two programs which for the first time incorporate the theme “Image and creative process.”

Be creative. Be you. Soon, Virginie

Session @ Studio Bleu (Paris)

credit: Boris Hodonou

The eBook to download

“The 7 fundamentals of an authentic and abundant artistic nature.”
Download Link >>>


This eBook is for all amateur or professional artist and all actors in the music industry. It offers a vision of the condition of the musical artist through the allegory with the natural cycle of life. It triggers a process that will inevitably get you into the art performance.

You’re offering the opportunity of a unique reflection on your artist image, on its authentic aspect and how to approach your career in a strategic promotional and marketing level. It is not enough to discover these 7 keys and to make your critical opinion. They are made to be experienced in workshops, integrated during an artist-in-residency and fully experienced along your own music performance.

Artistic value, artistry and ability to inspire the greatest number.
I invite all artist and his professional team for reflection. These 7 keys are pointed out to bring the artist in the highest understanding of himself, as his impact on his audience.

This eBook is illustrated with photos taken in Indonesia according the project of MasterClass “Image & Scene in Bali” coupled with a first tour in Southeast Asia.

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Photo Credit: Jean-Manuel Nadeau – Mandana Hematy – Virginie Brune

2016 This is it ! Heureuse année à tous !

I present to you my dearest wishes.
May this New Year intoxicate you inspiration in its lightness and depths your artistry, always inspiration and much more of inspiration. It give you the desire to surpass yourself in the pleasure of creating.
Believe in yourself, in your projects and work on the elevation of consciousness for the good of all.

2016 This is it ! Heureuse année à tous !

# the artist is the leader of tomorrow # l’artist is the leader of tomorrow #aficael