International French Association for Artist Coached, Enlightened and Leader


The artist has the power to awaken the slumbering strength to act in other souls. Friedrich Nietzsche

All art intuitively apprehends coming changes in the collective unconscious. Carl Jung

# The artist is the leader of tomorrow


Creation project of Collective Image Association
& the Charter of the enlightened Artist


Collective Image is the professional association of artists coaching and Community of all stakeholders in the arts sector (Artists & Professionals – mainly in the music industry).

It speaks directly to artists wishing to work in total consciousness in their artistic project. It is also intended for professional actors wishing to integrate into their artist career development management the fundamentals of creativity. It finally open to all beginners and experienced coaches working in the modern music industry, and more generally in the cultural and artistic field.

Its mission is to offer subsidized mentoring and detailed training on how to live his passion, to clarify his artistic image, generate satisfaction and pleasure in all stages of a project launch and to live an artistic career according to his own definition of success.

The artist said « enlightened and leader » becomes master of his project. He masters the key issues of his artistic approach. He knows how to surround himself, in a WIN-WIN approach with all the members of his team (managers, developers, publishers, promoters etc …). His vision is clear. He is aware of the message he wants to convey, as the impact to achieve, measure, communicate with his audience.
The writing of the Charter of the Artist in the management of their project is the genesis of Ifaacel; Its aim is to invite all artists and all professional actors to create this community agreed to consider any artistic production as the subject of a strong and targeted message.




Collective Image becames recognized thanks to its verified expertise in the business, stakeholders members, artists’ talks, the strength of its unique support program, its partnerships with start-up support devices.

Its ambition is to offer a masterclass Image & Bodywork Retreat in Bali combined with a SE Asian Tour, organized with the support of the French Institute.

Ifaacel members have access to resources, education, tools proven effective empowerment and all member contacts. Ifaacel wants to invest in the promotion of its community and its approach through annual and regular events: conferences, webinars, concerts. Its mission is to shine internationally and to approach integral schools as CIIS in San Francisco.

Each year a selection of artists benefit from subsidized residences, a promotional window through events produced either by the association or by partner producers charter signatories.

Creation project of Collective Image association and the Charter of the enlightened Artist