Credit: Virginie Brune 2016

Twice a month, on Sundays 10am, let yourself be carried by the breath of a delicious movement, whether you are always lying in bed, under the shower, brunching or running through the meadows … Shakti Bhakti Level, the meditative playlist on NewMorning Radio is also available as a podcast for 1 hour of inner journey through ethnic songs, vibrational sounds, enchanting prayers, medecine songs and transcendent rhythms.

NewMorning Radio has chosen to dedicate an unprecedented window in France to these artists who, with their flutes, guitar, djeeridoo, tonebox, hang drums or keyboard and electronic console, invites us to travel with confidence in buried lands of which The shadow and the light are openly revealed, in the inhale and the exhale. Namaste!

Enter in Symbiosis
In Transcendance

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