The Chameleon

The chameleon artist*** The one who’s never afraid to recreate himself! The one who’ll try again and again to express the beauty of his message for the world or a little bunch of people***

By changing regularly physics, dress style and even identity, did you understood before everyone else advantage to be derived from the manipulation of the image ?

YES. Without any doubt. Marc Bolan (T. Rex singer man, ed.) served a little transition between what had germinated in the 60s and what was to become the 70s. He understood that something new was emerging. But his major ambition was just to become the new Eddie Cochran. Then Roxy Music and I drove home the point by including a new essential element: distancing from the self character we were about to create. How to build a cultural resonance beyond the simple desire to stick to the blissfully rock star status ? It is so pleasant to question the very notion of what it induces picture of truth and lying, play with it, to modulate the effects. We were therefore among the first to ask such questions, at a time when so many others were building a unique image which they were never moving over their entire career. Our premise was simple : imagine that rock is dead, what do we do now ? The engine is disassembled and the parts are recovered to try to develop something else. It was a form of response to post-modernism, in connection with the Dada movement, Richard Hamilton, Andy Warhol. “

Extract from the French newspaper, Liberation – David Bowie interviewed in 2002 (Album HeatenGet the full article >>>

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