i.e. Performance

An artistic performance/// Representation on stage which is not intended to be reproduced or reinterpreted. On the contrary, a performance is essentially a unique moment, of which we will never again be a spectator./// I like to think that musician artists do not escape this rule! Whatever their level of professionalisation, who cares ???

Artistic intention

From Carl Jung to Daft Punk///
The creative intention carries collective consciousness.

“Art is a kind of innate drive that seizes a human being and makes him its instrument. The artist is not a person endowed with free will who seeks his own ends, but one who allows art to realize its purpose through him. As a human being he may have moods and a will and personal aims, but as an artist he is “man” in a higher sense— he is “collective man”— one who carries and shapes the unconscious, psychic forms of mankind.”
=> CG Jung, 1930

Buzz economy

ENJOY THIS FR PRESENTATION “THE BUZZ ECONOMY” — Maybe shall i translate it in EN soon ?!!!!

This first experience of professional intervention in a graduate school marks its end. Let’s finish with a closing session and a case study before the final exam. I save an incredible opportunity to instill in my teaching :

1 / how the future music marketer will always be exploring new media,
2/ why it is important to protect the data of the artists.

The buzz economy What for To who? and if the idea would be first to capitalize networking tools on the artist and his intention to create its own monetization system!

 /// ENJOY



Without comparing myself to Vincent van Gogh that has always inspired me as a revolutionary Impressionist, beyond his high skills of quoter, I will add in tandem with his commonsensical sentence… my unique message! Yes! This message loops currently in my heart since this weekend whatever I do. A baseline that puts my body in a nice state of excitement and enthusiasm. And that ultimately is dressed to you of course. This single message sums up what I want to initiate all musician artists; those who choose to fully engage themselves in the identification of their image and in their incarnation on stage; who – whatever their goals of success or level of notoriety – realize the incredible impact they have with their audience! It’s just magical & fascinating! Tadadam… thank you for your attention:



Abracadabra *** What magic!