Power transmission

I could not wait to share my method Image & Stage. I thought several months ago to transmit it on youtube. It was too early. I had first to present experiences, this unique profile that characterizes me as a coach and i had to introduce myself officially on the web.
Video is a powerful medium that will come soon enough. As I tend to repeat : version One is better than version None since everything seems written just at time and improvable in the near future.

Transmission is essential. Essential in my life. I could talk for hours about this fascination about the vital need for an individual to share his understanding of the world aesthetically. Here, we talk about the Art of sound. Electro, Progressive Rock, Fusion, Folk, Pop, Instrumental, music is the only unrepresentative art that “impact” our senses.
This explains why I chose to specialize in clarifying the artistic image and its stage incarnation.
Then comes the question : how to decline this understanding across a promotional kit? Understand your promotional strategy will be really much simplified.

It is a privilege to transmit. It’s a privilege to feel involved in the construction of new paradigms of the music market. I speak of new paradigm simply to support managers, artists and all music pros who have chosen deliberately to support an arts project through the ambition of his remarks. I look forward to interacting with the students and ensuring that our class is as alive as possible, serious and productive.

By March 2016, my schedule is complete.
Also, you might apply to the following courses for which I have the pleasure to intervene.

From March 2d to June 1st at the EAC training MBA Music & Festival (Paris)
On March 1st at the CIFAP Training, Management of a musical project (Paris – Montreuil)
I salute these two programs which for the first time incorporate the theme “Image and creative process.”

Be creative. Be you. Soon, Virginie


credit: Boris Hodonou